Rules of Le Grand Bois

A warm welcome to this beautiful spot in the Drome. We will do our best to make your stay as pleasant as possible.
Please be aware of the following house- and governmental rules.

You are welcome to arrive at your assigned camping pitch between 2 PM and 7 PM.
The safari and tunnel tents, as well as the apartment are available on Saturday from 4 PM.
The departure from the pitches 12 PM  and 10 AM for the tunnel and safari tents
At the reception we ask that you show your passport and provide your car license plate. Please keep these handy when you arrive.

Fires (wood, coal,…) are strictly forbidden. No candles are allowed, no smoking in the forest or the playground
In case of fire, you shall notice the manager of the fire.
Extinguishers are useable in case of necessity these can be found on the side of the sanitairy block and in various places throughout the camping. A first aid kit is available at the office and in the bar.
If evacuation is necessary, please respect the evacuation plan displayed at the entrance and next to the extinguishers throughout the campsite.

The management is liable for object drop at the office and has a general obligation of surveillance of the property. The user keeps the responsibility of its own installation and shall notice the manager the presence of any suspicious person.

The property is open from 7.30 AM to 10 PM. The office is open from 09.30 to 11.30 AM and from 4 to 6 PM
At the office you can find all information on the service of the campsite, information on food facilities, sports facilities, museums, cultural events or any other useful addresses.

Charges are to be paid at the office. The amount is posted at the property entrance and at the office. They are due regarding the number of nights spend on the campsite or in conformity with rentals contracts. User shall give notice to the manager of their departure on day beforehand.
The payment methods authorized are the following: cash, checks, credit card, online internet payment. The campsite users willing to departure before the office opening shall pay their charges the day before departure.These charges are displayed at the entrance of the property and at the office.

Traffic and parking of vehicles
Inside the campsite, vehicle shall not exceed the speed limit of 10km/h. Everyone shall stay vigilant and pay attention to children. The site used during the stay shall be maintained in the same state as found at the arrival.

These areas are strictly reserved of the residents of the property.
Because of chemical treatment and for the respect of the quiet of the site, the access to the pool is forbidden between 7 pm and 9 am. For hygiene, comfort and safety reasons, please respect the following rules:

  • Bathing in pool is not supervised; it is under your own liability.
  • The access barriers shall remain closed after every entrance.
  • Pool is forbidden to unaccompanied minor under the age of 10.
  • Passage through foot pool is mandatory before entering the pool.
  • It is forbidden to reserve chairs beforehand.
  • Shoes shall be left at the entrance of the pool.
  • Inflatable toys are not authorized in the pool.
  • To prevent any harm caused to the pool filters, it is forbidden to throw pebble or little rocks or any other little object in the pool.
  • Glasses and bottles are forbidden on the terrace, spool and plastic bottles are authorized.
  • Eating and smocking is forbidden by the pool.
  • Animals are not authorized in that area.

The present rule of procedure is available of the office. Infraction to the rule of procedure
If any user would disturb other’s staying in the property or would not respect the rules of procedure, the manager will be able to orally or though writing if necessary, notice the user to stop the troubles.
In case of grave or repeated infraction to the rules of procedure and after the notice by the manager to apply the rules, the manager will be able to terminate the contract without compensation or refund. The manager will also be able to seek for police assistance.

We respect the garbage separation initiative. Please do the same. At your arrival we give you 3 handy bags to use which we ask you to give back at your departure. Several waste separation containers are at the entrance of the parking.

Broken materials
Please don’t leave your broken airbeds, tennis rackets, chairs or toys et cetera in our rubbish or on the camp site. Please take them with you.

You can off course receive guests on the camp site. If they stay longer than a cup of coffee please let us know and we can offer them a day price per person in that case.

Forest maintenance
Please don’t cut down trees or parts of the forest if you have a problem with any dangerous branches please let us know and we will deal with it.