Surroundings Drôme

On this page we offer you an impression of the many possible outdoor activities available in the vicinity of Le Grand Bois. The overview is not exhaustive and the providers listed are no partners of us.

We invite you to explore this beautiful area! The Tourist Offices of Bourdeaux, Dieulefit and Saoû are happy to provide any additional information regarding the region.

  1. Walks
  2. Outdoor Sports
  3. Fun for kids
  4. Villages & Towns
  5. Local Produce
  6. History & Culture


Websites informing you of the many possibilities the area offers include:
. Tourist Office of the Drôme
. Tourist Office of Vallée de la Drôme (Le Grand Bois is located in this part)
. 32 Sites not to miss: Sites touristiques Drome

1. Walks

Various walking routes pass alongside and nearby Le Grand Bois. Find directions here for walks of all levels.

There are many beautiful walks of various levels in the Drôme, some directly from the Inn, where you can walk in any direction, for different lengths of time. You can even hire a donkey at Tzig’âne in Bourdeaux … nice for kids, (adults too)!

A very special way to explore the Drôme is planning a day trip or multi-day tour with a horse-drawn gypsy caravan and guide from ‘Drôme Roulotte Vacances’, located just 800 metres from Le Grand Bois. An interesting and unique holiday idea would be a combination of a stay at Le Grand Bois and a gypsy caravan circuit enjoying the Drôme countryside!

The Huguenot Trail
The Huguenots Trail traverses France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. This historic path runs right in front of Le Grand Bois.

Walk Poët Celard – circular walk via Le Grand Bois and Le Poët Celard, partly over the traditional Hugenotenpad. A fairly easy route of 3 hours.

Easy walks

Easy short walks on accessible trails.

  1. les-anciennes-fermes – 1,45 hrs (Foret de Saoû)
  2. le-tour-du-mont-carmel-juin14 – 1,5 hrs (Pays de Dieulefit)
  3. le-deves-juin14 – 1,5 hrs (Pays de Dieulefit)
  4. huguenots – 1 hrs (Foret de Saoû)

Moderate hikes

These moderate hikes are pretty light and suitable for all ages.

Difficult hikes

This difficult hike is suitable for people in a good condition.
pomerolle – 5h (Forȇt de Saoû)

Challeing hikes

Challenging hikes along mountain ridges and rocks.

2. Outdoor Sports

The surrounding forests, hills, rivers and jagged ridges offer endless outdoor sports possibilities, and it’s all there, to be explored, be it by gliding, kayacking, horse riding or rock climbing.
The number of nearby trails and winding roads are ideal for an active exploration. From a walk in the woods around the campsite, to a climb of one of the jagged ridges, to swimming in crystal clear natural water, to parapenting …  we can show you a number of options.


With almost 100 mountain passes and 3000 km of slopes, spread across a varied landscape, the Drôme is THE region for lovers of cycling and mountain biking.
Cycle paths and MTB routes and circuits of different levels are available at Le Grand Bois, as well as information about bike rental in the area.

Kayak / Raft / SUP

Canoe Drôme
Drôme Canoe
Eva Location


La Drôme en Montagne


Eva Location 
Spelcanya Aventure
Drôme de Canyon

Climbing / Via Ferrata

Eva Location
Acro Pôle Aventure

Mountainbike & Trailrunning

L’atelier du cycliste


Tip Top Bleu Ciel


Acropole Aventure


Drôme à cheval – Portal diverse maneges
Le relais du temple



Quadrôme Evasion

5. Local Produce

In the area, many of the special local products can be tasted, such as ‘Picodon’, goat cheese from Dieulefit and various local wines.

Shops with local produce

At these shops you can buy organic products from the region.


Domaine des Rosier, supplier of Le Grand Bois
Domaine de Montine
, one of our house suppliers
Serre des Vignes (organic)

Fresh from the land: farm shops

Different farms in the Drôme also welcome you for a tour. You can find products like goat’s cheese, meat, fruit and wine.


Markus bière, craft brewed beer
La Vielle Mule, craft brewed beer
You can taste and buy many locally brewed  wines and Beers at these stores

Organic products

These shops and farms offer local organic produce as well as general foods


A list of local week markets

6. History & Culture

The environment of Le Grand Bois is rich in history and culture.
Wander through castles, admire fossils (or find them yourself!), or view the céramiques, what the area is known for.


Castles in the Drôme
Castle of Le Poët Célard (at 1 hour walking distance)


Chapelle de Crupies


The Vercors Resistance Memorial
Distillery museum
Ceramics museum
Musuem of Silk

Archaeological museum

Museum of the Prehistory of the Vercors
Archaeology museum of Tricastin